sabar menanti

harap jundy yg kn hadir ^^

Google Translator

lelah menterjemah suatu artike atau jurnal, haaa…inilah google dengan segala kreativitasnya, meski punya orang yahudi, tapi klo ada manfaatnya bagi kita dan tidak ada mudharatnya, ada baiknya kita ambil.

inilah salah satu produk google yang cukup cerdas, menjadi sebuah solusi sederhana bagi kita yang malas membuka kamus karena vocab yang pas pasan, heheh…..

salah satu contoh puisi porak poranda buatanku yang di translate, klo yang asli ada disini ;

Does it start to think, contemplate the return record

I terlelap pensive, there will be no end of goals

Come and taste my soul dumbfounded

Why is this happening?

Tired I just found

no sir virtually no means

Marks azzam my own

but I think I’m capable of

although the blood is the ink

I still show it

either injured or laugh

history must kupunya

I just stuck not interested

I joined not vain

I am here, waiting dancing days

when the decision is about ancient China

I pejamkan eyes when the body is weak

I have to remove it seems that I have

no matter how ultimately

I love, I must work

this is no longer can talk about it

to the time that I always wait

even when all come mencemooh

I remain steadfast and resolute

Rabbi, if only I love time limit

I will clearly patience

but time and the incident is not miliku

because he was an absolute Rights MU

Rabbi, I pilihkan to be prioritized

indeed, at this historic my kadukan

I have no longer hold

keep what you know more

God, allow me

Crusaders in the embrace of thy love thy creatures

ideals and expectations of a dream

I’m really not strong

if not because the tooth aches Ridhamu

indeed, I’m not going to happen

Rabbi, with weeping, sorrow and hope, my lantunkan what kutulis

I goreskan, what my housekeeper

Plug me, what I kikis

Allah, the Most Knowing, kabulkanlah …. Blogroll of Rabbal’alamiin






Oktober 12, 2008 - Posted by | Buah Pemikiran

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